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Nostradamus ran into some controversy with his predictions, as some theory he was a servant of the devil, and others said he was a fake or insane. However, many more believed the prophecies were spiritually encouraged. He became famous and renowned by lots of Europe’s elite. Catherine de Medici, the wife of King Henri II of France, was one of Nostradamus’ finest admirers. After studying his almanacs of 1555, where he hinted at unnamed threats to her family, she summoned him to Paris to explain and draw up horoscopes for her infants. A few years later, she made him Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary to King Henri’s court. Connect with that area now. In this lecture, you’ll learn the way to start each Oracle Card Reading with an impressive Oracle Card blessing which brings light, love, accuracy and clear counsel to every reading. You will find the wording of this blessing in your Week 1 Handout Notes. This fabulous and super high great box may be the perfect way to maintain your cards and the guidebook safe and sound! Made of heavy-duty and extremely durable chipboard. The Biddy Tarot Card Meanings Library will can help you interpret and remember the Tarot card meanings, even if a card seems upright or reversed. Psychics have an improved sense of what might happen than most individuals. This Divination Set contains 52 Vibrational Energy cards & an interpretation and layout guidebook by author Debbie A. Anderson. Artwork and Illustrations are done by artist Heather Brewster. The group birthday party of Holy Mass every Monday in the Collegium chapel and the possibility of attending daily Mass at 19. 30 help the stability and rhythmic pace of life as a Collegium member. The program is enriched by weekend religious retreats, which customarily coincide with Advent and Lent.